South african Satanist experiences Jesus’ love

South African Satanist experiences Jesus' love

Riaan Swiegelaar, a co-founder of the South African Satanic Church, took to social media this past weekend to share that the overwhelming love of Jesus recently inspired him to step away from Satanism.

Swiegelaar, a professing homosexual who hinted that he was once involved in Christian ministry over 20 years ago, shared that he was drawn to Satanism four years ago amid great brokenness.

Swiegelaar said he began to have a few experiences with Christians who, without judgment, showed him unconditional love.

The turning point for Swiegelaar came when he had a divine encounter with who he believed to be Jesus during one of his Satanic rituals.

While he is still learning of his newfound faith, Swiegelaar concluded his video testimony by assuring everyone that he will continue to share his journey with Christ.

I’m doing this live video because many, more than 100 people on WhatsApp and almost 200 on Facebook, are sending me messages wanting to know why did I leave the South African Satanic Church as well as why did I turn my back on Satanism,” Swiegelaar shared in a video he uploaded to Facebook

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