Happy Mother’s Day

A mother is her children’s first teacher and best friend. She bears her child for nine months in her womb and loves and cares for her child with all her heart and soul. She has been able to decipher her children’s every move since they were born. She adores her children and makes sure they are on the right track in life. She looks after her children and makes sure they are safe in every way.

She is the first person that a child seeks on returning home. She takes care of her children from their birth until her last breath. We cannot even count their innumerable contributions to our lives or all that they do from morning to night. Mothers continue to perform all their duties and responsibilities, throughout the day, even if they are tired. They never expect anything in return for all the love they shower upon us and the way they pamper us. However, we can say a big thank you to our mothers for all that she does for us.

It is a mother who molds her children’s character and individuality. Every mother contributes significantly to their children’s growth and development. She provides for all of her child’s needs. She adores her children and is always there for them, guiding them through thick and thin. A mother is the one who prevents her children from doing wrong and discourages them when they are on the wrong track. She chastises them and directs them in the correct direction. 

All mothers have the finest intentions for their children, whether it’s a gift, clothing, education, or principles. Motherhood is the most rewarding aspect of a woman’s life. It is a full-time job with no pay. It is possible to sense a mother’s affection. The love of a mother is like a divine blessing. The love of a mother is everything. 

God has given us a wonderful gift in the form of a mother, which we must respect and protect with love. She dedicates herself to her mothering tasks with a pure heart. The mother is always a child’s first teacher, and if they continue to learn life’s lessons under her guidance, nothing will be able to stop them from reaching the pinnacle of achievement.

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