Speaker Muturi denies being blocked from joining Kenya Kwanza

National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi

National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi is confident that the Democratic Party will be in the Kenya Kwanza coalition.

Despite a number of his party’s members seeking the court’s nullification of this move.

To this effect, an inter-party hearing will be heard today by an ad-hoc committee.

The committee formed by the registrar of political parties, is set to forge the way forward on the matter.

While speaking in Kiambu town, Muturi further said that the 10-day period given by the IEBC for Presidential candidates to name their running mate was not final since it wasn’t in law.

Furthermore, Muturi denies allegations by certain MPs in Parliament claiming he is shielding the DP.

He now terms the accusations untrue and as those seeking cheap publicity to advance political agendas.

He notes that the timelines could change depending on what each coalition could present hence it was not something that should worry the Presidential contenders.

Constitutional Lawyer Charles Thiongo echoed the same sentiments saying that the issues could be looked upon so as to tentatively address the matter.

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