KNC Party to Issue Direct Tickets

[Photo: KBC]

The Kenya National Congress (KNC) Party will issue direct nomination tickets to aspirants seeking elective posts in the upcoming August General Election.

Party Secretary-General Benjamin Gisore says they will not use party primaries, instead candidates will be selected in close consultation with the party’s Elections Board and Delegates.

“We are going to issue direct tickets, however how we are going to do it, is not someone who is going to decide that now I am giving my friend the ticket. Basically, we are doing scientific research. We have our Elections Board and Delegates of the party who are going to decide on who is getting the ticket,” said Gisore.

He further says, the party will give an opportunity for candidates to reach a consensus, in cases where more than one person expresses interest in the party’s ticket.

According to the Secretary-General, most political candidates have been entering into agreements with parties without understanding what the parties stand for, thereby, serving their own selfish interests, noting that KNC seeks to address such issues.

“It is high time Kenyans of goodwill started associating with parties because of the ideology and not because of personality.”

He also expressed confidence in addressing the issue of gender equality and special interest groups whereby several aspirants from the interest groups will be well represented in the party.

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