Aspirant Kagure Criticizes Nairobi County Government

[Photo: Kenya Insights]

Nairobi Gubernatorial Aspirant Agnes Kagure has faulted the Nairobi County government accusing it of failing to roll out payment to the county’s community health workers.

This is as she notes that City Hall allocated Sh100 Million for the facilitation of the programme in 2021.

Over 6,000 community health volunteers are expected to be receiving Sh3,000 as monthly stipend as well as Sh500 in health insurance.

The Sh100 Million is part of Sh308 million allocated towards the rolling out of the stipend and National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover for the health workers.

Kagure has now called for an immediate action to be taken on the matter.

“These are people we would really want to appreciate because of what they have done to our communities. They have been volunteering without any payment. We need to deliver the people of Nairobi from the city of lamentations and ensure proper delivery to the people of Nairobi,” said Kagure.

According to the Chairperson of the community health workers in Nairobi, Ken Adagala, despite an existing act providing a legal basis for their payment they are still languishing in poverty.

“The act should be implemented so that our people not only get money but access to safety kits and other vital information that will ensure efficient service delivery. The budget that was allocated to us in 2021/2022 is not in our pockets, let it not be returned to the treasury,” said Adagala.

There are 6, 250 community health workers stationed in over 1,000 health facilities across Nairobi county.

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