Mercedes launch their F1 2022 car

Mercedes has launched its new car that will compete in the 2022 formula one season . The new Mercedes W13 has been designed to comply with revolutionary new regulations aimed at making the racing closer and more competitive.

The car features very tightly packed bodywork, on which significant effort has clearly been made on securing the best possible airflow.

Mercedes have reverted to their traditional silver after two years of a black livery in support of diversity. The new livery blends some black elements with the predominant silver, which the team said reflected its “clear mission to become a more diverse and inclusive team.

Both Mercedes drivers lewis Hamilton and George Russel  are due to test the car for the first time in a so-called shakedown at Silverstone with Russell trying it first before Hamilton.

Team boss Toto Wolff says he expected a tough battle between Hamilton and Russell but said he expected it would be conducted in good spirit.

“You want to have the two best possible drivers,” he said. “But we’ve seen that in the past we’ve handled it. The two guys have great personalities and I have no doubt that sometimes it will not be easy but that’s the name of the game.”

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