National Assembly approves the house business committee members

The National Assembly will resume its sitting on Wednesday Morning after lawmakers successfully passed the motion to install the new house business committee.

The list was once again introduced by mjority leader Amos Kimunya who criticized last weeks move by the MPs allied to deputy President WIlliam Ruto to shoot down the motion.

Kimunya said the house had already lost a whole week of business time and will have to move with speed to recover in the last session of the 12th Parliament.

The motion was seconded by Minority leader John Mbadi who also hit out at the tangatanga wing of the house fro political grand standing.

The new members of the House business committee now include MPs Shadrack Mose, Joyce Emanikor, Kawira Mwangaza, Mohammed Osman, Makali Mulu, Mishi Mboko and Godfrey Osotsi. 

The house business committee is charged with presenting business in the house for transaction and will now be required to speed up all bills that need to be passed before the next general election.


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