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The Judicial Service Commission has launched its 2022-2027 Strategic Plan.

According to Chief Justice Martha Koome the document will play a big role in facilitating the efficient, effective and transparent administration of justice to Kenyans.

The document which was developed by different stakeholders including the media, judges and civil societies is the Judiciary’s First Strategic Plan since attaining its independence.

” This strategic plan will focus on the public, being responsive to their needs and aspirations, and on good practice management of human resources and lastly providing leadership in strategic management of human resources within the Judiciary ,” noted the CJ.

The Policy also outlines critical implementation strategies, risks associated with plan implementation and mitigation strategies and monitoring, evaluation, reporting, and learning framework.

” Within the last five years, the JSC has registered significant achievements. It diligently performed its mandated functions to improve the administration of justice by recruiting and appointing qualified and experienced Judges, Magistrates, Kadhis, Registrars, and other judicial officers and staff.

Now, with this new policy, the Commission will further ensure that all disputes and complaints are disposed of efficiently as per procedures to enhance the Judiciary’s integrity and Kenyans’ trust in the institution.” said Koome.

The Judiciary also launched its revised Judicial Service Code of Conduct and Ethics Regulations 2022.

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