Stand-off between truck drivers and Ugandan authorities leads to chaos

Traffic situation at Busia-Malaba border [Photo: Friedrich-Ebert-stiftung]

The stand-off between Kenyan Truck drivers and Ugandan authorities at the Busia-Malaba borders over covid-19 clearance is making residents uncomfortable.

Drivers have been counting up to 8 days in the 150-kilometer long traffic snarl-up.

They are complaining of harsh treatment requiring them to stay in their trucks until the issue is resolved, yet they have no food to eat or water to drink.

Residents want us to leave because of Covid-19 fears. They want us to stay inside our lorries until the issue is resolved yet we have nothing to eat and nowhere to refresh” a driver Sebbiah Abdulahi said.

We cannot afford to get out of our trucks and buy food from shops .We are forced to remain inside because residents have become hostile. They think we are carrying Covid-19,” he added.

Unfortunately, this has in turn led to immorality as the truck drivers are luring women and girls into illicit affairs.

The border delays are effected by beliefs that the Covid certificates of the drivers are fake.

This comes despite lifting mandatory covid-19 testing on the 6th of this month, a situation that is now feared to brew violence, as drivers are now engaging in fist fights over cases such as overlapping.

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