South Africa’s Labour Ministry Tussles with an Opposition Party

[Photo: Sowetan]

South Africa’s Ministry of Labour has issued a statement over a move by an opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters party (EFP) that has been visiting local restaurants to find out the proportion of foreign workers in the country.

According to the ministry, only officials from the Department of Employment and Labour are mandated to carry out such an activity.

The ministry says, this is because the department carries the  legal right to enforce compliance on labor matters.

It further says, one cannot seek to see the enforcement of the law by breaking another law.

“We prevail upon any organization or political party that feels or come across non-compliance to raise such matter with the department or the bargaining council. One cannot seek to see the enforcement of the law by breaking the law too,” said the Ministry of Labour.

This is as the Economic Freedom Fighters party leader Julius Malema says they are conducting oversight visits to assess whether South Africans are being employed in the hospitality industry.

He spoke while touring several restaurants alongside other party members.

According to the EFF, the visits are meant to check labour policies, staff complement and ensure that our fellow Africans are not exploited and locals are employed at a satisfactory level.

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