Patients in Tigray dying from shortage of medical supplies

Rebels in Ethiopia [Photo: The Guardian]

Medical staff in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region say patients are dying as a result of a blockade, that’s preventing medicine and other life-saving supplies from reaching hospitals.

¬†Doctors from the region’s biggest facility in Mekelle say surgeries have not been possible due to a lack of intravenous fluids and anesthetics.

An in-depth statement by staff at the Ayder Referral hospital reveals frequent electricity cuts, and an irregular supply of oxygen have resulted in patient deaths while the neurosurgery team has no working scanners.

Officials from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front are now in a blame game with the Ethiopian government for impeding the delivery of aid including medical supplies.

However, according to the United Nations, a number of health services are on hold due to a shortage of essential drugs.

TPLF is responsible for the ongoing war against the Ethiopian government. This conflict has been active since November 2020.

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