Majority Leader Amos Kimunya Drums Up Support for Political Parties Bill

Kipipiri MP Amos Kimunya [Photo; Daily Post]

National Assembly Majority Leader Amos Kimunya says the Political Parties Act 2021 will bring to an end the era of political mistrusts.

Speaking during a debate on the second reading of the bill, Kimunya said the bill offers a legal framework that allows two or more parties to form an alliance.

“What we are providing for now, is a legal recognition of any framework that allows three or so political parties to come up together so that they sponsor their candidates as a political party,” said Kimunya.

He noted that the bill will also see all political parties which win in any elective position have access to funds from the national treasury.

That money has never been accessible to the small parties. So, one of the amendments proposed in this law is to lower the threshold for access into the national funds been provided for the democracy in this country.

This comes after the debate of the bill which was to happen on Tuesday was deferred today after the house justice and legal affairs committee failed to table its report.

Chair of the committee Muturi Kigano and House Majority Leader Kimunya then requested House Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi to have the debate of the bill postponed.

The bill by Kimunya will among others provide for the formation of a coalition political party.

It has attracted proposals of amendments from 17 members over the constitutionality of some of its clauses.

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