US Immunologist Warns of Increased Covid-19 Cases During Christmas

Anthony Fauci [Photo: BBC]

A top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci says Christmas travel will increase the spread of the Omicron Covid-19 variant.

Speaking on Sunday, the immunologist noted that the rapid spread of Omicron in the US could have a serious impact on the Health Sector.

“There’s no doubt about this, Omicron has an extraordinary capability of spreading. Our hospitals, if things look like they’re looking now, are going to be very stressed,” warned Dr Fauci.

He then called on people to continue observing the Covid-19 safety measures and urged more Americans to get their vaccine doses and booster shots.

“The difference between a vaccinated and boosted person who has an infection, and someone who has an infection who has never been vaccinated – is the risk of severity,” he said.

According to Fauci, unvaccinated people are at a much higher risk of serious infection and hospitalization.

“We are looking over our shoulder at an oncoming Omicron surge. The fully vaccinated are doing much better….the optimum protection is fully vaccinated plus a boost.”

This comes as other countries are tightening their safety measures following increased cases of Omicron.

 In Europe, France and Germany are among those to issue travel restrictions.

 Netherlands has already imposed a strict lockdown over Christmas.

Governments are also accelerating their Covid booster vaccination programs, following studies which showed that additional booster shots could provide around 85 percent protection against Omicron.

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