Climate Change To Affect Africa’s Aquatic Ecosystem

The African Union’s Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources has warned that major water bodies in Africa could decline sharply in the coming days due to climate change.

According to the bureau, rising temperatures in the oceans have had adverse effects on the continent’s aquatic ecosystem.

The bureau’s programme manager Clement Adjorlolo says oceans were becoming warmer by the day.

He says this move adversely affects different species.

Adjorlolo further noted that this had been worsened by the rising levels of the water bodies caused by the massive melting of ice and high tides caused by climate change.

As the water temperatures rise, this has forced some species to relocate and this will have negative implications on the fish catch in the coming days.”

A senior fisheries officer at the Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources ( AU–IBAR) says the current challenges facing the aquatic bodies were human-made.

He noted environmental degradation, carbon emissions and pollution are some of the challenges that are contributing to climate change.

Due to rising water temperatures, some species have had to relocate. As the fish species relocate to the deep sea, this has forced fishermen to use more fuel to get a better catch, further worsening the situation,” he said.

Seisay however noted that the AU–IBAR is working on various mitigation measures to respond to climate change which had adversely affected various fish species.

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