Abu Dhabi grand prix to decide formula 1 champion this weekend

Its down to the final race in Abu Dhabi next weekend to determine the  formula one champion this season .

This is after Lewis Hamilton beat Max Verstappen in the  Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to set up a winner-takes-all title finale .

In one of the most dramatic grands prix in years, the race was stopped twice, featured three starts and had an extraordinary series of events between the title contenders.

Hamilton won despite crashing into the back of Verstappen at one point during a race in which the Dutchman twice had to cede a position to the Mercedes driver that he had gained illegally.

But in the defining moment, Verstappen was ordered to hand the lead to Hamilton because he had held it by forcing the seven-time champion off the track at Turn One with 13 laps to go.

Verstappen slowed to do so on the run to the last corner and the Briton ran into the back of him and damaged his front wing.

They continued with Verstappen in the lead until the Dutchman did finally hand over the lead six laps later.

The two drivers are now level on points on 369.5 with Max having won nine races and Hamilton eight .

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