Governor Kananu issues stern warning to land grabbers .

Nairobi Governor Anne Kananu has issued a stern warning to Mukuru kwa Njenga land grabbers masquerading as private developers.

Kananu has vowed to address the of resettlement to the affected families with immediate effect .

The newly installed Nairobi governor also insisted that all land that was grabbed and was meant for playgrounds will be repossessed .

“It is sad to see people in slums being forcefully evicted and land belonging to them taken by powerful individuals. I will not allow that and together with the executive and Nairobi County Assembly we are coming for these land grabbers,” Kananu noted.

Early in the month dwellers cried foul after the demolition of their houses that led to the destruction and loss of property .

Kananu further revealed that the land that belonged to mechanics in Nairobi West that was grabbed will be repossessed.

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