COP26: Kenya will champion Climatic Change and Kenya-UK health alliance

President Uhuru Kenyatta says Kenya will champion the interests of African nations and the global at large  on climate change at the United Nations security council. Uhuru says Kenya will create a compelling case and  the matrices between climate change and security. Uhuru identifies climate variance in Africa as a major challenge to undertake business. 

Uhuru says floods and droughts result in a 3% GDP drop affecting the economy .

Other sources of climate change include, harmful  gaseous emissions, deforestation that have been termed climatic hazardous. He was speaking at Glasgow scotland during the COP26 World Leaders summit event that is co-hosted by the United Kingdom and Italy.

This comes after President Uhuru was elected as the Chairman of the UN security council in the non permanent seat.

On the other hand , President Uhuru Kenyatta cemented the KUKHA treaty between Kenya and United Kingdom. The team briefed the Head of State on the progress of the implementation of the broad strategic partnership including the roll-out of the Jomo Kenyatta  Scholarship program and the building of  a state-of-the-art training center at Kisii University, in Kisii county.

The Jomo Kenyatta Scholarship is a specialized medical training and capacity enhancement programmed that will see Kenyan healthcare providers trained in the UK in a wide array of specialized medical areas.

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