Sudan suffers suspension from AU and World Bank amid coup

The World Bank has suspended aid to Sudan following the military takeover that deposed the prime minister.

The World Bank has paused disbursements in all of its operations in Sudan and stopped processing any new operations as it closely monitors and assesses the situation.

This comes as the latest blow after the African Union suspended the country from all its activities until they restore a civilian-led authority.

AU condemned the seizure of power, branding it unconstitutional. This is the second time it has been suspended after June 2019,when pro-democracy protesters were gunned down outside army headquarters in Khartoum.

Meanwhile Khartoum International airport is set to resume operations today following the coup that took place on Monday.

All international flights were suspended following the ousting of Sudan’s government by the military.

Roads were also blocked by soldiers and barricades which were erected by protesters.

The coup aims to guide Sudan to democracy and from the reign of autocrat Omar al-Bashir which began 2 years ago.

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