World Cup: International Managers set to discuss the competition being biennial

Head of Global development to FIFA Arsene Wenger

Former Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger has asked National Men team Bosses to present their opinions on the World cup being a biennial competition, to be played every year. Upon appointment Of Arsene Wenger as the head of global development to Fifa, He has since faced opposition from  different bodies saying that he would disrupt the football calendar.

The International Olympic Committee has also spoken on the matter ,saying that the impact a World Cup every two years would have on the entire sporting framework, and asked for greater consultation.

UEFA has vowed to oppose the plans until they are dropped, and believes a biennial World Cup would take away from the prestige of the competition.

Opportunities for us to come together are few and far between, but we must embrace these occasions as such dialogue helps us all to protect the unique place that football has in the world and to make it truly global,” he said in a Fifa statement.

Fifa is holding a separate consultation for the women’s game, which will be led by two-time World Cup-winning coach Jill Ellis.

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