Serial Child Killer Masten Wanjala Lynched by Public in Bungoma.

Suspected Child Serial Killer Masten Wanjala [Photo:]

The Notorious self confessed Serial Killer Masten Wanjala has been lynched by a public in a mob in the wee hours of the morning.

 Masten Wanjala who was 20-year-old man and who captured the attention of the public after confessing to a series of child disappearances culminating in the murder of at least ten children, is dead.

Wanjala who was identified as the soccer player was outlawed with 13 murders of minors in Mukhweya Village Kabuchai Bungoma County. 

Masten, who escaped from police custody this week had been detained as the case was on-going and was due on Tuesday.

The Area Chief Boniface Ndiera confirmed that Wanjala was killed there after being identified by the locals as he played soccer and was lynched by that mob last night.

This comes as the director of public prosecution had ordered the director of internal affairs of the police unit to investigate the escape of  the serial killer Milili Wanjala. 

Three officers who were guarding Wanjala during his escape are still awaiting a custodial order within fourteen days from the prosecutor.

They are set to be charged with unlawful criminal custody and work negligence. 

Wanjala was accused of having murdered more than 10 minors, and escaped police custody the day of his prosecution.

“At the last court appearance, the ODPP made an application for Wanjala to undergo a mental assessment at MathareHospital for purposes of presenting him to the High Court to face murder charges,” the public prosecutor said.

Police were initially allowed at least 30 days to detain him so as to complete investigations but kept asking for extensions as the suspect claimed he was yet to take detectives to more murder scenes.

He was detained at the Jogoo Road Police Station and was due in court on October 13, but officers said they discovered him missing while verifying names of listed suspects who were also due in court for various crimes.

“We found him missing and no one knows how he escaped,” one senior police officer told Capital FM News, “he must have escaped on Tuesday.”

Three police officers on duty during the time of his escape were arraigned in court on Thursday but they did not take a plea after investigators asked fro more time to interrogate them.

Police described Wanjala as a “bloodthirsty vampire,” saying he killed his victims, “in the most callous manner, sometimes through sucking blood from their veins before executing them.”

The murders, targeting 12- and 13-year-olds, stretch back five years and the bodies of several children feared to have died in his hands have yet to be found.

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