ICJ delivers verdict in the Kenya-Somalia maritime case


The International Court of Justice has delivered its Judgment in the case concerning Maritime Delimitation in the Indian Ocean between Kenya and Somalia.

The court says it considers the evidence on fisheries marine scientific research activities, but it also does not support Kenya’s claim in regard to oil concessions.

The court also noted that the parties had established offshore oil concessions and thus finds that there is no maritime boundary between Kenya and Somalia.

Kenya has been found not guilty, of violating its international obligations in the disputed area.

Somalia argues that there is no Maritime boundary and the water space lies occupied for either states.

Additionally the maritime boundary is conclusive on the distinct parallel boundary that has been in existence.

The International court has however resolved the maritime case, stating that the fish and maritime research activities, do not support Kenya’s parallel boundary argument, equally to oil concessions between the states.

The court also acknowledged offshore concession blocks established by the states since 1970. This makes Kenya subject to no maritime boundary and Somali

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