Tea Auction Prices Hike Record High This Year

Kenya Tea Farmer [Photo: Hapa Kenya]

Tea prices at the weekly Mombasa auction rose to the highest mark this year as demand in the key market of Pakistan rose.

A kilo averaged 250 shillings. 29 cents this week went  up  from 241 shillings 44  cent last week.

The total volume traded was however 824 kilos less than the previous sale

East Africa Tea Trade Association managing director Edward Mudibo says There was strong support from Pakistan Packers and were forceful and dominant with more and strong enquiry from Kazakhstan and other CIS states

 This is the highest price so far this year where the commodity’s average price has been below the preferred 2-dollar mark.


Allowances for public servants have been capped at 40 percent of their gross monthly pay starting July next year, as the State moves to lower the public sector wage bill and free up more funds for development projects.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission says  that it will abolish job-related allowances that account for the biggest chunk of gross monthly pay and merge others.

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