SELFIE DAD: A funny & intense family movie

Genre: Family | Comedy

Casts: Shelby Simmons, Michael Jr, Karen Abercrombie, James Denton

Ratings: 6.5/10

Released Date (Streaming): 12 June 2020

Selfie Dad is a great family movie [Courtesy: Selfie Dad]

Storyline: Selfie Dad is a hilariously funny and sometimes intensely poignant story of a father who needs to be delivered from his fears and anxieties about his dysfunctional past by faith through reading the Bible. Despite some of the funniest and heartwarming scenes, SELFIE DAD introduces the villain a little too late, but the ending is very powerful.

The movie opens in 1999 with Ben Marcus, played by Michael Jr., doing a very funny standup comedy routine. Cut to the present. Ben is an editor of Reality TV programs at a small production company, and he’s married to an Argentine wife with two wonderful children. Ben, however, is bored by his job, annoyed by the star of one of the TV programs he edits, and completely disengaged from his family.

Ben’s son, Jack, introduces him to YouTube comedy videos that are making some people rich and famous. At work, Ben tries to do a comedy video, but it’s terrible and doesn’t do well on his channel. When Jessie asks him to fix the toilet in the house, he films it thinking it could be useful.

Meanwhile, Ben’s daughter, Hannah, is just at that stage of life where’s she’s dating and thinking about boys [Courtesy: IMDb]

However, he fails to fix it so he doesn’t think the video is worth anything. Ben leaves his phone where Jack finds it and uploads it to YouTube, where it goes viral.

Meanwhile, Ben’s daughter, Hannah, is just at that stage of life where’s she’s dating and thinking about boys. At one point, they think she’s run away. This forces Ben to do what he’s never done before, which is to pray. Jessie, his wife, learns from a neighbor that she needs to pray for Ben.

Thumbs up: Perfect mixture of Christian and Comedy and drama.

Thumbs Down: It takes time for the plot to really take off.

Selfie Dad is a great family movie that will pass on a few key lessons especially when it comes to religion, family, and marriage.

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