KRA focus on 1.8 trillion from Technology Innovation

The KRA offices at Times Tower Building [photo The Star]

Kenya Revenue Authority is strongly confident it will attain its 1.8 trillion Kenyan shilling collection target on effective technology in the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

KRA chairman Francis Muthaura said the agency has in past years modernized its surveillance infrastructure, sealing revenue loss loopholes and increasing efficiency, while at the launch of this year’s Taxpayers’ Month.

The optimism is backed wit the recent first quarter target achievement accumulatively at 14.9 billion shillings as businesses continue to defy Covid-19 drawbacks.

He said KRA will focus more on import surveillance of cargo.

The Chairman also want to intensify laws and policy that govern tax evasion for maximum tax yield  

To increase revenue collection and achieve the set target, the taxman says it will expand the tax base by tapping into new taxable income sources.

”Through the target revenue collection, the Authority is expected to sustain an annual average growth of 16.9 per cent over the period in which nominal GDP growth is also projected to grow at 11.2 per cent,” Mburu said. 


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