Pornography causes depression, betrayal & trauma

Pornography has affected the lives of men, women and children and has left them in need of deep healing from depression, betrayal and trauma, a conference has heard.

The P Word Conference, hosted online this week by Naked Truth Project, brought together 30 expert therapists, coaches and church leaders to equip viewers with knowledge, advice and stories on how to tackle pornography in their churches and communities.

Ian Henderson, founder and CEO of Naked Truth Project, called pornography a “thief”, that is “killing, stealing and destroying families, churches and communities”.

Statistics shared by the organisation state, that in the US, SHOWS THAT 93% of pastors, believe pornography to be a bigger issue, than ever before ,in their congregations.

Henderson said, churches often struggle to speak about this subject. Reflecting on why churches are not discussing pornography more openly is because it “feels dirty”.

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