Man stabs friend to death over Boda-boda fare tussle.


An argument between two friends over who should have paid for their boda boda ride ended in a fatal led death, after one of them stabbed the other to death in Kiambu.

According to police, the two had taken a ride home in Kikuyu, Kiambu County but could not agree on who should pay the fare, .

And that is when one of them rushed home, picked a knife and stabbed his friend.

The 5.30am incident in Gikambura area was witnessed by their rider who rushed to a nearby police station and reported the incident.

Police have arrested the murder suspect who stabbed his friend on the neck killing him on the spot, after a short argument over who should pay for their boda boda ride,” the DCI said in a short statement on its official Twitter handle.

It identified the suspect as Daniel Waithera, 25 and his friend Michael Mukami, 21 who succumbed to neck injuries.

Police said the suspect was expected in court on Monday morning.

Murder cases have been on the increase lately, many attributed to stress from the COVID-19 economic challenges due to lack of jobs thus a financial strain both in Nuclear and Extended Family.

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