CJ Martha Koome visits Zimbabwe for the Annual Conference of the senior judges.


Chief Justice Martha Koome has urged the courts to adopt the new online technologies that have been teased up by the new system of ruling.

There is something we use very often in the traditions and the commonwealth traditions called Dimensions of a case . Why do you have to drag people to come for a case, and conferences” chief justice Koome said.

Speaking today in a conference that saw sixteen senior Chief judges meet up in Zimbabwe, the Chief Justice noted that most of the senior courts in Kenya had adopted the online hearings and court proceedings which had eased a lot of processes of the courts.

She also pointed out that the transitions had simplified the ancient times where people who were apprehended faced tough times during their hearings.

We have been able to tease things that can be done online and leave those that need physical hearing like criminal trials,” the Chief Justice said.

The CJ noted that with the use of the technology in the Judicial Systems a lot of backlogs and delays will be reformed and that pursuing the apprehendants to come to courts now and then for their processes and proceedings will be resolved as such the new technologies will refine all that.

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