Uhuru Addresses 76th UN General Assembly virtually

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged the United Nations to ensure core access of equitable global vaccines, to help recover from the pandemic. Speaking virtually in the 76th session of the United Nations general assembly, President Uhuru reiterated financial support to developing countries.

While being represented by foreign affairs cabinet secretary Raychelle Amamo, at the meeting, The head of state put into perspective conflict resolution tools that will spearhead global peace and unity among nations.

As of a week ago, close to five thousand Kenyans had succumbed to COVID-19. We mourn these Kenyans and the 4.7 million lives that have been lost around the world. The pandemic’s devastating impact on global travel, tourism, supply chains and investment has caused the deepest economic recession in nearly a century.

Kenya responded swiftly and boldly to contain the pandemic; and, as a result, the human toll, though most distressing, pales in comparison to other parts of the world.

While we also undertook measures to cushion different sectors of our economy, the economic pain has been, pronounced. Now is the time to rebuild;

To rebuild successfully requires a worldwide response in confidence and investment to enable production and consumption to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels. The surest way to building that confidence is by making vaccines available to the world, in an equitable and accessible manner. That, sadly, is currently not the case. The asymmetry in the supply of vaccines reflects a multilateral system that is in ur

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