Kalonzo ills the gradual increase of fuel prices in Kenya.


Wiper Boss Kalonzo Musyoka has decried the sudden increase of fuel prices in the country.

Speaking from Hilton Hotel in Nairobi, he said the move by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority will hurt the already strained Kenyans. 

He then criticized the government for not consulting over the matter.

There no valid reason could have necessitated such a drastic rise calling on Kenyans to stand out and speak about it,” the Wiper Leader said.

This comes as Kenyans continue to express their displeasure at the rising cost of fuel in the country. 

The energy regulatory authority hiked super petrol by 7.58 shillings  per litre, diesel  by 7.94 shillings and Kerosene  by 12.97 shillings.

In Nairobi petrol will now cost 134 shillings -72 cents, diesel at 115shillings -60 cents and Kerosene at 110shillings -82 cents.

EPRA has attributed the rising fuel prices to higher costs for landed petroleum products with the cost of landed super petrol rising by 0.72 per cent, diesel by 4.81 per cent and kerosene by 0.96 per cent.

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