100 children still missing after Volcano eruption in Goma

UNICEF says 100 children are still  missing after being separated from their parents after Mount Nyiragongo erupted in Goma, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Desperate mothers have been searching for their children going from centre to centre, with some successful . Around 500 houses were flattened as residents fled from the disaster.

The International Federation of Red Cross said that between 3,000 and 5,000 fled into Rwanda on Saturday.

Government sources say seventeen villages were hit, including  three health centres, a primary school and a water pipeline destroyed.

Lava crossed a main road running north from Goma, severing a key aid and supply route, and the city’s principle supply of electricity.

The eruption was caused when fractures opened in the volcano’s side, causing lava flows in various directions.

The flow towards Goma stopped a few hundred meters from the city limits. The nearby airport was untouched. And separate lava flow that headed east over unpopulated terrain towards Rwanda also appeared to have stopped.

Residents in the Buhene district sorted through the mangled white remains of tin roofs or lifted rocks in what will likely be a months-long campaign to restore the zone.

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