CITAM Bishop Odede installed as PAC University chancellor

[CITAM Bishop Dr. Calisto Odede [Photo: PAC Univeristy]

Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Bishop Dr. Calisto Odede is the new chancellor for Pan African Christian (PAC) University.

He was installed in a ceremony held at the University’s Thika Road Campus on Friday.

In his speech, Bishop Odede commended the university’s leadership under the former chancellor Bishop Emeritus Dr. David Oginde

We therefore would want to truly appreciate what the Lord has done through my predecessor Bishop Dr. David Oginde. And I’m sure his handing over the role of the chancellor today does not mark the end of his engagement with PAC University, but rather he will continue to play different roles both now and in the coming years,” said Mr. Odede.

Bishop Odede also said the university will continue to engage in research that addresses the nation and the world in other areas outside the bible and theology leadership.

We trust that PAC University will continue to be producers of knowledge more than consumers of knowledge. We’ll experience growth in numbers of students as we continue to expand, because now we are within the reach of the world“, added Dr. Odede.

Bishop Dr. Calisto Odede was installed as the 3rd Pan African Christian University Chancellor.

According to PAC, CITAM’s current bishop automatically becomes the university’s chancellor.

The university has two campuses, along Thika rd and Valley rd.

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