Tucheze Gospel: The week of Moji & Guardian Angel

Gospel sensation, Moji Short Baba, has had an amazing year filled with hits after hits. Recently he took to Instagram and surprised his fans by finally revealing the date and tracklist of his upcoming album ‘’Cheza Gospel.’’

This announcement comes more than a month, after revealing, that he was planning ‘something big’ on his social media pages.

The former Kelele Takatifu lead singer revealed that his album is featuring the likes of music legend, Collo Mfalme, and big names in the production industry namely; Producers Magic Mike, Majix Enga, Saint P, Maxeembeatz, and Eyoo Sevil.

‘’Cheza Gospel’’ is composing of 6 tracks; Cheza gospel, Kameshika, Mofaya, Tosha, Don’t worry and Hustle.

Guardian Angel

In other stories, Gospel Artiste Guardian Angel’s upcoming album will be dropping on 18th May 2021. The album titled, “Thanks for coming”, is expected to feature some prolific names like Eddie Butita, YY Comedian, Eunice Mamitto, and his spouse Esther Musila in the main track “Pressure ya Social Media”.

Recently, in an interview with Antonie Ndiema, Guardian Angel revealed that God uses the person rather than the brand a person has created, his album is anticipated to focus on social issues and pressures that come with fame and ‘making it.’

Tell us whether the album will be a hit or miss in our comment section after the album drops today.  

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