Price of flour increases by Sh9 on high maize cost

The price of flour has increased by up to Sh9 for a two kilogramme packet on high cost of maize.

Millers are speculating this to be a move likely to spark a rise in inflation.

They also clam to not getting sufficient grain at the market as farmers horde their produce in anticipation of high prices in future.

A two kilogramme packet of Jogoo brand shall push to Sh109 from Sh102 last month.

Meanwhile, Soko is retailing at Sh110 from Sh105 in April with Ajab going for Sh114 from Sh107 previously.

A 90kg bag of maize has now hit Sh3,000 from Sh2,500 a month ago as millers grapple for limited stocks in the market

Data from the Ministry of Agriculture indicated that growers have been holding 16.7 million bags of maize as at the end of April out of 17.7 million bags that was in the country.

Meanwhile, High cost of food is set to put pressure on inflation, which dropped marginally to 5.76 percent last month from 5.98 percent a month earlier.

This as what Kenya National Bureau of Statistics attributed to a decline in food prices.

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