Zambia’s president picks a microbiologist as his running mate in his re-election

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu has picked a microbiologist over his vice-president as running mate in his re-election bid.

According to media sources, elections are scheduled for 12th August.

President Lungu says his choice of Nkandu Luo as running mate followed reflection and prayerful thoughts.

The Zambian leader later told journalists that he was happy over his choice of his running mate,

He further added he has chosen her because she was politically strong and professionally accomplished.

He said he was not worried about people who may have reservations about his choice of a running mate.

Consequently, he called for peaceful campaigns.

“After great reflections and prayerful thought, I have picked Professor Nkandu Luo as my running mate in the August 12 elections. I have no doubt that we are going to make a great team that will not only give our party the electoral victory, but, ultimately, the progress we desire for our great nation,” he said.

Luo, 69, is a scientist and a holder of a doctorate in microbiology who has served in various ministerial positions in government.

She was first elected as a lawmaker in 1996 under the former ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD).

While at MMD she served in various ministerial positions.

Inonge Wina has been Zambia’s vice-president since 2015 and is the first woman in the country to hold the position.

The president will face 18 other challengers including his main opponent Hakainde Hichilema.

Hichilema has unsuccessfully contested the presidential elections five times.

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