Opposed BBI petitions set to be ruled out today

The ruling on the petitions seeking to stop the IEBC from conducting a referendum to implement the BBI Bill is set for this afternoon.

Two petitions were filed at the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Consequently, eight others at the High Court, challenging the BBI process.

The petitions want the courts to declare the bill an unconstitutional attempt to amend the Constitution.

Referring to respect of the structure of the Executive, Parliament, and the Judiciary.

Speaking on the matter, deputy registrar at the High Court’s Constitutional and Human Rights Division Njeri Thuku said, the judgement will be delivered virtually at 2.30pm.

The matter is before Justices Joel Ngugi, George Odunga, Jairus Ngaah, Chacha Mwita and Teresia Matheka.

In February, BBI suffered a major blow after the High Court barred IEBC from preparing for a referendum on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2020.

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