Kenya aims to revamp its embassy in western capitals

Kenya now stands at aims of spending Ksh1 billion on its new embassy starting July.

This comes as the country races to stop rent payment in western capitals.

While underlining the taxpayers burden of running the foreign missions.

Budget estimates tabled in parliament show that the treasury allocated the Ksh1 billion to purchase property aiming to replace the dilapidated embassy.

A situation which has seen taxpayers lease space to accommodate the diplomatic missions. 

Diplomats in London and New York now forced to rent homes and offices as residences built by taxpayers fall apart due to neglect.

Foreign affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau previously addressed the parliament saying:

“most of the government owned properties in missions abroad are dated since when they were acquired in the early years of Kenya’s independence.”

Ministry officials now insist that Kenya must hold an image of standard in global circles.

They further added all this comes at a cost.

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