Joint senate sitting resumes BBI debate

The senate has resumed debate of the BBI bill with debate on whether to amend it or not .

Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala supported the Bill.

He however insisted parliament should be allowed to amend it before it is taken to Kenyans in a referendum.

Busia Senator Amos Wako insisted that the constitution amendment bill 2020 should go to the referendum as it is .

Senator Wako was also part of the BBI committee that came up with the document.

Senators including Johnson Sakaja and Moses Wetangula asked speaker Lusaka to give a ruling on whether senate can amend the Bill.

This is independent of the ruling by national speaker Justin Muturi who said MP’s cannot amend the bill.

The two Houses of Parliament are this week deciding on whether lawmakers can amend the Bill, after a heated debate last week.

While MPs appear to agree the House can’t change the bill, a near-unanimous call by senators to correct ‘typographical and referential errors’ and expunge ‘unconstitutional’ clauses could give the proponents sleepless nights.

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