Amnesty international condemns the COVID 19 restrictions enforcement style

Amnesty International Kenya has condemned  the manner in which  enforcement of the COVID 19 restrictions  is being handled in the red zone especially in Nairobi.

In a statement Amnesty says the  blocking of major roads in Nairobi County after the 8.00 pm curfew period that stranded many motorists and passengers was uncalled for.

. The road blockage resulted in undue punishment of people including the denial of emergency medical care to seek medical treatment.

They also noted that  punitive enforcement of the curfew is in contrast to the enforcement of the law against those who have allegedly stolen monies earmarked for COVID 19 relief.

Amnesty singled out the  KEMSA scandal in which billions are said to have been lost through irregular tenders.  

Amnesty Kenya Campaign Manager for Freedoms & Citizenship Demas Kiprono  said the blockade was unnecessary and disproportionate and  illegal.

He further called on  on the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of the National Government to urgently review proposed enforcement methods of COVID protocols and ensure that as much as possible they respond to the goal of preserving life.

Amnesty also demanded that  Treasury urgently release monies to all county governments to ensure that all county functions including the right to health are adequately financed to respond to public health needs, including the COVID 19 pandemic interventions.

Amnesty also called on Kenyans to  continue adhering to the public health protocols shared by the Ministry of Health in response to COVID 19.

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