Rights Groups in Algeria warn that 23 detainees could die

Human rights groups in Algeria have warned that more than 23 pro-democracy prisoners could die.

According to the rights groups, the prisoners are on hunger strike and should be released immediately.

We hold the Algerian authorities responsible for any dramatic development, concerning the detainees who were arrested earlier this month after taking part in a pro-democracy march,” read the statement.

In a statement, eight organizations including the Algerian League for Human Rights, said some of the 23 prisoners were facing health complications, after refusing food for more than a week.

Don’t let them die… Some of them have begun facing serious health complications. Let us act before it is too late,” read part of the statement.

The rights groups say the detainees began a hunger strike on 7th of April in El Harrach jail, after being detained on charges of damaging national unity.

The detainees have been calling for a political change. 

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