Benin’s Constitutional Court Approves Talon’s Election Victory

Benin President Patrice Talon [Photo: Anadolu Agency]

The win by incumbent Benin President, Patrice Talon in the recently concluded presidential election has been approved by the country’s constitutional court.

The court ratified the results pending appeals that could be filed in the next five days.

The court’s President Joseph Djogbenou reported errors and irregularities found and corrected on the counting sheets, however noting that they do not affect Mr. Talon’s win.

“These irregularities do not affect the credibility, sincerity and transparency of the election,” said Djogbenou.

President Talon won more than 86 per cent of the vote, dominating his competitors, Alassane Soumanou who got 11.29 per cent, and Corentin Kohoue with 02.35 per cent in the April 11th election.

Critics say the election was stacked in Mr. Talon’s favour, after a crackdown on opposition leaders left most of them exiled or disqualified from running in the ballot.

The court’s ruling comes as Joel Aivo, one of the presidential candidates who was barred from contesting, gets arrested.

Reckya Madougou, another presidential aspirant who was also barred from contesting, was detained last month and accused of plotting to undermine the election.

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