Vote counting ongoing in Chad’s presidential election

Vote counting is currently ongoing in the Republic of Chad, following the Sunday presidential election.

The ballot counting started soon after voting closed in the capital city N’Djamena, which saw some seven million Chadians eligible to vote in the election.

However, current President Idriss Deby is largely expected to win the election for a sixth term.

A number of voters expressed mixed concerns, with some saying they were not sure the election would be free and fair, and others saying there was no need to vote because the results might have been predetermined.

President Deby, who has been in power for 30 years, was also facing six weaker candidates after the major opposition leaders either boycotted or were barred from running.

Earlier he was quoted saying that he would restore the term limits if he wins.

The principles of presidential term limits in the constitution must be reintroduced,” Deby told a political party convention. “Today, nothing requires us to remain in a system where changing leaders becomes difficult.”

The term limits were scrapped in 2005 just as a civil war between Muslims and Christians erupted.

Sunday’s provisional results are due on 25th of April, and final results on 15th of May.

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