Kenya to receive the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine in June

Photo: African Union

The ministry of health has projected that the earliest Kenya can receive the new covid-19 vaccine shipment from the Johnson and Johnson company is in the month of June. 

The African Union together with Africa CDC are exploring options with Johnson and Johnson supplying companies to secure additional vaccines for africa. 

This move comes as an alternative COVID-19 vaccine supply amid a hitch by shipment from India’s AstraZeneca vaccine to affect vaccination programmes in Africa.

In a deal signed last week with the company the AU is to secure 400 million doses. 

Africa CDC director Dr. Ahmed Ogwell said that they have so far vaccinated about 36 million of the population, a huge gap from a target of 750 million people. 

COVAX can only meet 20 percent of the population. We are targeting 60 percent , so the 40 percent can only be met through the bilateral agreements and purchase from the Africa Union.” Dr Ahmed Agwell, the deputy Director of Africa CDC says.

However shipments from the covax facility will still be docked in the country as an addition to the Astrazeneca vaccine supply.

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