Death of Tanzania President Magufuli Mourned across the world

The Late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli [Photo: Bloomberg]

The death of Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli is being mourned by international leaders across the world.

In Somalia, President Mohamed Farmajo is condoling with Tanzanias and the family of the late President.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the country stands in solidarity with Tanzania.

The US State Department is sympathizing with Tanzanians and says it now hopes that Tanzania can move forward on a democratic and prosperous path.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is sorry to hear of President Magufuli’s death.

President Magufuli has died of heart complications at the age of 61.

This comes as opposition leaders in the country say he had contracted Covid-19, however the case has not been confirmed.

Tanzania’s main opposition leader Tundu Lissu claims the head of state was in India receiving medical treatment for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan will now be sworn in and become Tanzania’s first female President.

According to the country’s Constitution, the Vice President has to assume Presidency and lead the remaining term of the President.

The government has declared a 14-day mourning period for Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli

Magufuli and COVID-19

The late Tanzanian leader faced serious criticism over his directives on COVID-19 to the citizens.

Analysts say, his approach his handling of the CoronaVirus pandemic in Tanzania is greatly defining his legacy.

This is after Magufuli called for prayers and use of herbal-infused steam therapy to counter the virus.

He also warned the country’s health ministry against rushing into embracing the Covid-19 vaccines from foreign companies.

The government then launched a nationwide campaign to promote steam therapy to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

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