Three teachers seized in an abduction in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security Samuel Aruwan [Photo: Daily News Times Nigeria]

Three teachers were seized by gunmen from a primary school in the northern Nigerian, Kaduna state.

Officials say, contrary to earlier information, no student has been abducted, during a raid on the school in Rama village.

This is the first time a primary school has been raided by gangs suspected to be carrying out abductions for ransom.

Since December, about 800 secondary school students have been abducted in northern Nigeria.

They were later released, however 39 female students are still in captivity following their abduction from a college in Kaduna.

Kaduna State Commissioner for Internal Security Samuel Aruwan, said the children fled as the attackers, referred to locally as bandits, entered the compound shortly after pupils arrived.

This led to two pupils going missing. We are happy to inform you that the two missing pupils have been found,” Aruwan said. “We can also confirm that no single pupil was kidnapped from the school.

Aruwan had earlier said an unspecified number of pupils and teachers were kidnapped.

The trend of abducting learners and teachers from boarding schools was started by the armed group, Boko Haram, which seized 270 schoolgirls from a school in 2014. 

Close 100 of them were never found.

Police forces and the military have attempted to tackle the gangs, with very little success.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, has faced criticism because of the increasing abduction cases in the country, especially in the Northern Region.

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