Senate and National joint sitting for Justice and Legal Committees begin hearing views on BBI Bill

March, 11th 2021 – Joint sitting for Justice and Legal committees of the Senate and the National Assembly have started hearing views from the public on the Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill 2020.

Proposals made by persons living with disability  organisations of Kenya on the BBI initiative bill are enforced to guarantee them an equal representation.

Appearing before the committee, Chairperson of the  Disability mainstreaming foundation of Kenya. Dr. Dennis Moronya said they support the bill as it assures people living with disabilities their place in elective and appointed posts. 

Mboronyo said, “I’ll also give a reference to article article 54 2 of the constitution, that five percent of all elective and appointive positions should constitute persons with disabilities. I know the enforcement is an issue, but this is a house of rules, I believe in good faith, you will support that.”

Action on Sustainable Development Organisation group led by Chairperson Stephen Cheboi says the group supports the bill and called on Kenyans to vote for it once subjected to referendum.

Cheboi said, “The spirit of BBI as it is now, should not entertain any kind of divisions, any kind of ethnic, antagonizing issued as a country, to take the advantage that has been provided through this BBI process, to make sure we enhance the current unity, ensure that all communities in our country are brought together, irrespective of our social, economic, religious and even political affiliations.”

The law society of Kenya group led by its president Nelson Havi told the committee that the BBI did not reach parliament through a popular initiative and termed it unconstitutional.

Havi said, “In particular, let’s consider what the Bill seeks to do in so far as the executive is concerned. The Bill seeks to create a hybrid executive, with a president who is the Head of State of the Government and a Prime Minister, with two deputy Prime Ministers, who work under the president.

He added, “Now the current constitution envisioned a situation whereby there will be a pure presidential system.”

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