KQ to resume direct flights to France

March, 04, 2021 National carrier Kenya Airways will resume direct flights from Nairobi to France on March 17th after a one month hiatus following relaxation of covid-19 travel restrictions by the European nation.

The carrier will make one trip per week, down from the frequency of the daily flights it did prior to the outbreak of the virus

KQ will continue to offer its customers competitive fares, and a one-stop connection through its hub in Nairobi to the rest of Kenya and Africa including key destinations in Africa such as Moroni, Kinshasa, Johannesburg, Entebbe, and Antananarivo

“The resumption of direct flights to Paris, France is in line with our plans to grow an expanding schedule as travel restrictions are lifted across the globe. This Paris-Nairobi route offers our customers convenient connections to key destinations in Africa such as Kinshasa, Moroni, Entebbe, Johannesburg, and Antananarivo. We remain fully committed to offer our customers an onboard travel experience that has their health and safety in mind,” said Julius Thairu, Chief Commercial and Customer Officer.

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