Zimbabwe’s Vice President resigns

March, 2nd 2021 – Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Kembo Mohadi has resigned after he became entangled in an affair with married women. The 71-year-old announced his resignation after recordings of his telephone conversations with at least four women were published.

He said he was resigning with immediate effect to fight the allegations in court, claiming he was a victim of blackmail. Mohadi also said that he is stepping down as a sign of demonstrating great respect to the office of the President.

Local online media service ZimLive has been on his trail for the past two weeks carrying out reports that Mohadi had improper sexual relations with married women, including one of his subordinates.

Mohadi however denied the accusations last week saying that the allegation was part of a political plot against him. He has continued to deny the accusations saying he would seek legal recourse.

He said, “My decision to relinquish the vice-president’s post is a way of respecting the citizens of this great nation and my party comrades, some of whom would have been affected by the falsehoods and character assassination on the digital ecosystem. My resignation is also necessitated by my desire to seek clarity and justice on the matter.”

In late February, gender activists had asked the Zimbabwe Gender Commission to investigate the allegations against Mr. Mohadi while the opposition called for his resignation.

Speaking to journalists in Harare, the Vice President said, “Despite growing impatient because of days of weird character assassination, l wish to categorically state that the allegations being levelled against me are not only false, but well-choreographed to demean, condescend, and soil my image as a national leader and patriot.”

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