President Uhuru Kenyatta drums up support for BBI

Feb, 24th 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has drummed up support for the Building Bridges Initiative bill, at the MbeleNaBiz youths award ceremony.

Speaking in Kasarani Nairobi, he said that through the legislative aspect of the BBI, the youths are guaranteed more employment and business opportunities.

The Head of State said, “We now have 189 constituency innovation hubs and 150 youth empowerment centres. These centres, with their free internet, are all publicly accessible to the youth in need of working space. We will ensure all 290 constituencies are covered.”

He added that the document seeks to support innovations by enabling start-ups for the youths, that will in turn build an economically empowered generation.

The president also awarded a total of 750 winners of the MbeleNaBiz competition that was held under the Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project. He said, “It’s only when you stop trying, that’s when you’re declared a looser.”

The competition was held to support young people who create innovations that are solution oriented to the challenges facing Kenyans.

The winners will receive grants to support their inventions. 

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