WHO urges Tanzania to start reporting Covid-19 cases

Feb, 22nd 2021 – The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged Tanzania to start reporting coronavirus cases and share its data. This comes after a series of deaths of government officials in the recent past. This includes Zanzibar’s vice-president Seif Sharif Hamad who was the first to admit contracting the virus.

While sending his message of condolence, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhano urged Tanzania to report its cases. In a statement, he said, “The situation remains very concerning. I renew my call for Tanzania to start reporting Covid-19 cases and share data.”

While giving a speech at Kijakazi’s funeral, Tanzania’s president John Pombe Magufuli appeared to admit that the virus was circulating in Tanzania and encouraged people to wear masks to avoid infection.

He said, “I have not said that you should not wear masks, nor should you quote me wrongly. There are other masks that are not good. You will receive masks that will bring about the troubles. If you want to wear masks, wear those made by the Ministry of Health.”

He added that the country should stand firm and put their trust in God. He said, “Let us continue putting our faith in God because other methods such as wearing masks, social distancing and lockdowns are not effective. Countries implementing them are still recording deaths in thousands.”

According to Tedros, “a number of Tanzanians travelling to neighboring countries and beyond have tested positive for the Covid-19. This underscores the need for Tanzania to take robust action to both safeguard their own people and protect populations in these countries and beyond.”

WHO is advising all National Health Authorities to do all they can to protect and save lives.

Earlier on, President Magufuli had warned the country against taking the Covid-19 vaccine claiming that little has been done to find the cures for other deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, etc.

He said, “You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids by now.”

He added, “he would have found a vaccination of tuberculosis by now; he would have found a vaccination for malaria by now; he would have found a vaccination for cancer by now.”

He added, “The Health ministry must know that not every vaccination is meaningful to our nation. Tanzanians must be mindful so that we are not used for trials of some doubtful vaccinations which can have serious repercussions on our health.”

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