EACC probes five Counties over graft

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission CEO Twalib Mbarak [Photo: People Daily]

Feb, 22nd 2021 – The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC), has launched an investigation into five counties over alleged misuse of billions of shillings during the Covid-19 pandemic. The commission says that it is targeting how procurement, the award of tenders and employment, were conducted during the period.

According to the commission CEO Twalib Mbarak, initial investigations indicated that the tendering and procurement were skewed leading to loss of money. He failed to mention the governors and counties on claims that investigations were at a high level.

He said, “We are investigating how five counties procured their services and employed staff in the period and soon we shall arrest some senior people over this.”

Speaking on the saga at Kemsa, he said, “This is a sensitive case and the DPP is going through the file to make sure we have a water-tight case and all gaps are filled before going to court.”

The auditor general has already pointed out some counties as having misappropriated the funds in the acquisition of drugs and Personal Protective gear.

A special audit on the utilization of the funds released in December 2020 revealed that counties did not have procurement plans, training plans and approved work plans specific for Covid-19 related activities.

As per the report, County Governments had been allocated funds amounting to sh7,705,900,000

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